The topic of this project is steering control fog lamps, that are usually a separate set of fog lamps fitted to road vehicles beside the usual low beam/high beam fog lamps and their feature is that they turn with the steering, so that the driver of the vehicle can see the bend, what he is actually turning. The fog lamps can be connected to the steering linkage by means of rods or cables, operated hydraulically by the power steering or nowadays electronically adjusted, even controlled by satellite navigation system. In our project, we are making research on the history and development of the above-mentioned systems and design and build a working system of directional fog lamps for a passenger car that is operated mechanically by rods connected to the steering linkage. This involves planning the working principle, designing the necessary parts, of the system layout, sourcing and producing the parts and assembling the system, testing it, carrying out any adjustments that may be required. This system is for experimental purposes only, but is suitable to prove the effectiveness of steering control fog lamps.





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