Screw jacks are typically used for shop work, rather than as an emergency jack to be carried with the vehicle. Use of jacks not designed for a specific vehicle requires more than the usual care in selecting ground conditions, the jacking point on the vehicle, and to ensure stability when the jack is extended. A screw jack is a type of jack which is operated by turning a lead screw. In the form of a screw jack, it is commonly used to lift heavy weights such as the foundations of houses, or large vehicles. An advantage of screw jack over some other types of jack is that they are self-locking, which means when the rotational force on the screw is removed, it will remain motionless where it was left and will not rotate backward, regardless of how much load it is supporting. This makes them inherently safer than hydraulic jacks, for example, which will move backward under load if the force on the hydraulic actuator is accidentally released. This project work titled “FABRICATION OF MOTORIZED SCREW JACK” has been conceived having studied the difficulty in lifting any type of light vehicles. In this project, D.C motor is attached with the screw jack. This attachment is based on an eccentric joint. When the power is given by battery to the d.c motor it will rotate the screw jack and lift jack. By changing the terminals from battery motor will rotate antilock wise and screw jack will return to their old position.




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